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PLC ProgrammingPLC Programming

At AC-Sys we pride ourselves in well developed PLC code; our product extends far beyond simple logic. Our systems are well structured programs that give extended diagnostic functions, operate reliably and are easy to maintain and develop.

We have experience in programming all major brands of PLC and specialise in Allen Bradley, Siemens Step 5 (S5) and Siemens Step 7 (S7). Our logic always correlates to the FDS and in many applications integrates into a plant wide S88 standard, when sequential logic is used this is clearly defined and well documented.

Our company specialises in field bus applications, whether you want to add remote devices on proprietary bus’s or use third party equipment we have the knowledge and expertise to help. We have experience of Profibus DP and PA, Device Net, Control Net, Asi and Ethernet so no matter what system you need to integrate or modify we can complete your project.

Systems we have worked on:
Siemens S5, Siemens S7, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000, Modicon and Mitsubish A series Q Series


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